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Cutting Instruction Sheets

Below you will find a Drop Off Sheet and a variety of Cut Sheets.  Please print off the Drop Off Sheet and bring it with you when you drop off your animal/s.  Also, print off the cut sheet that you choose (either custom or standard), fill out what needs to be filled out, and bring it along to The Butcher Block when you drop off your animal/s.  If a cut sheet is not completed and dropped off along with the animal, you may be issued a "Standard Cut Sheet".  The standard cut sheet is simply a cut sheet that we at The Butcher Block have already filled out. 

When you arrive at The Butcher Block with your animals, please be sure to leave the Drop Off Sheet and the Cut Sheet/s for your animal/s with an employee of The Butcher Block.  The employee will go over the cut sheet with you so all understand how your animal/s is/are expected to be processed. 

Livestock Drop Off Sheet 

Beef Cut Sheet - Custom (this form is for you to choose which cuts are kept and which cuts go into ground beef)

Beef Cut Sheet - Standard  (this form is filled out for you- all that is required of you is to add your name and phone number)

Hog Cut Sheet - Custom 

Lamb & Goat Cut Sheet- Custom

 Thank you for choosing The Butcher Block and Smokehouse!

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